Latest Article Published by the AusIMM

Safety and Production are Compatible Goals The effective management of risk enables companies to pursue safety, production and quality work concurrently. This article is timely for hazardous industries as new Work Health and [...]

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Top 10 University Libraries Holding Productive Safety Management

Here are the top 10 universities that hold my book, Productive Safety Management: University of Oxford (UK) Cranfield University (UK) University of Reading (UK) University of Manchester (UK) University of Miami (US) University of Central [...]

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ALIGN joins ICN Gateway

Expertise in HSEQ and Biosecurity management systems and implementation for projects and operations to ensure efficiency and cost savings. Specialist areas include: Biosecurity/quarantine and regulatory compliance requirements to meet international, national, domestic and Barrow Island. [...]

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Links to Articles about Managing Risk to Achieve Safety, Production and Quality Concurrently

Here are my previous articles written in this topic: Overcoming the Conflict between Safety and Production – The Overview Overcoming the Conflict between Safety and Production: Part 2 – Systems Degradation, a New Category [...]

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