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‘Safety First’ and Production

'Safety First' is a contradiction to the reality of production/schedule driven projects and operations. To move forward, the safety profession needs to understand that effective risk management leads to safety as an outcome, along with production and quality work. This 'risk-based mindset' enables safety to be considered in the context of efficiency, enabling core business, [...]

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Every Company Should Aspire to be a High Reliability Organization

In 2020 and beyond, our opportunity and challenge is for every enterprise to be a High Reliability Organization (HRO) in their own right. This powerpoint highlights the key elements required to achieve improved productivity, safety and quality through effective risk management. ALIGN's Risk Leadership Consulting Services and Workshops help you to achieve these outcomes with [...]

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Death to the Hazard Report Form

Thought Leadership: Why do organizations persist with Hazard Report Forms instead of moving to Integrated Reporting Systems. This powerpoint provides suggestions to improve efficiency, timely corrective action and integrate tools that leverage workforce active participation in risk and opportunity management.

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